What can we help you with?

  • Water/Sewer Damage
    • Flood Extraction – Water, Sewer & Storm
    • Structural Drying
    • Specialty Drying
  • Fire/Smoke Damage
  • Environmental Services
    • Mold Testing & Remediation Services
    • Asbestos Testing & Remediation Services
    • Biohazard Cleanup
    • Hazardous Materials Cleanup
    • Hoarder Cleanup
  • Odor Control
  • Contents Pack Out/Pack Back
  • Board Ups/Site Security/Vandalism
  • Construction & Roofing Services

Water/Sewer Damage

Extensive and complex training, technical experience and specialized equipment, makes Colorado Premier Restoration leading experts in water extraction, structural and specialty drying. 

Time is critical with any water damaged property.  CPR response crews will arrive on site within 60 minutes of the initial call for service.   Proper extraction is the first step to a quick and successful water restoration project.  Removing excess water and initializing the drying process must begin within the first 72 hours of the loss, to minimize the risks of microbial growth and other secondary damages.  Our combination of high powered, truck mounted extraction and specialized portable extraction methods, allow us to quickly remove excess water, ensuring that all areas are thoroughly extracted to avoid the potential of secondary damage occurring.  Our response team completes a full assessment of all damaged areas to develop a strategic scope of work in to achieve the most effective and efficient drying process, using psychrometric principles.   We monitor each project daily by taking moisture content measurements, moisture mapping of all affected areas and determining re-positioning, changing and/or adding equipment to ensure progress is being made in a timely manner.

Fire/Smoke Damage

CPR is the restoration contractor of choice for many Fire Districts within the Metro Denver and surrounding areas for on call response to fire board ups, site security, structural shoring and stabilization. 

CPR’s responds to any & all fire scenes with all tools and material necessary to make any immediate & temporary repairs and to secure the scene, by having three board up trailers stocked and ready at all times and dedicated fire/board up response crews.

Once a fire scene is released by the proper authorities, CPR crews take immediate action in assessing all damages to design the proper mitigation and remediation techniques necessary to restore the property.   Smoke & fire damaged materials are restored by numerous methods, which are determined by fire source, type of material damaged, extent of damage and needs of the property.  CPR utilizes the newest is smoke odor technology.

Environmental Services

Mold Testing & Remediation Services

CPR handles all mold, and other environmental projects with caution and complete discretion.  Our technicians have been trained and certified in the IICRC standards for mold remediation.  Just like all of our projects, mold remediation projects are assessed based on the individual characteristics of each project and the needs of the property.  Critical containment and proper PPE is utilized on every mold, or environmental project. 

Discretion & Safety are of the utmost importance when dealing with a mold project.  Technicians will always prepare for a mold project without alarming the public that may encounter work being performed.  PPE will never be worn outside of the containment or immediate surrounding area in order to ensure that the perception of the property is not compromised. 

Asbestos Testing & Abatement Services

CPR has an established division of the company dedicated to abatement of asbestos.  Abatement of these dangerous hazards are strictly regulated by numerous agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Department of Public  Health & Environment, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Extensive training and proper certifications are mandatory for any individuals working on the abatement of these contaminants.  All abatement personnel have gone through the necessary training programs and have passed all State required certification testing required to perform abatement projects safely and thoroughly.  In addition to our highly trained abatement team, CPR also has two (2) Certified Asbestos Building Inspectors on staff to be available for immediate sampling and testing, before any project begins.  Proper containment and safety procedures are followed at ALL times throughout an abatement project.               

Biohazard Cleanup

Hazardous Materials & Chemical Spill Cleanup

Odor Control

Odor damage and odor control begins with finding the source of the odor first, then properly eliminating the source.  Once the source of an odor is eliminated, cleanup and odor control procedures and products to be used are determined by what the odor source was.  All products used for odor control are non-toxic and completely safe to use around humans & animals, and is environmentally friendly as well.  Cleaning agents used are odor eliminators, not a masking agent that hides the odor. 

Construction and Roofing Services

Our general construction services crews are comprised of some of the most talented and experienced individuals in the construction industry.  Colorado Premier Restoration is a Class B licensed General Contractor, and can provide high quality and timely repairs for any size project, from a small drywall patch to a complete rebuild of a property. 

Our Construction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Capital Improvements
  • Structural Repairs
  • Concrete work/Foundations
  • Roofing/Drywall/Flooring
  • Windows/Siding
  • Excavating/Grading
  • Complete General Contracting


Incredible company! Fast service. Extremely professional. They did an incredible job for us when our sewer backed up and flooded basement! I would recommend this company by far over any restoration company. Justin and Chris are awesome and we are so thankful for this company!!


September 2017

CPR did the water mitigation work on a home I’m purchasing. I called them to check on the work and they were happy to take my call and explain all of the work they did on the house, even though the work was done a year prior and there was nothing in it for them financially. They kept great notes on the work they did and were very courteous and helpful in answering my questions.

Andrew P.

During a stressful time these guys were able to work with my insurance and get our house back in working order. We never thought that water could do so much damage. The carpets and hardwood floors look like new. I really appreciate the time they took to explain how mold and humidity could could leave damage we couldn’t see.

Chantal S.

March 2018

1-hour response is true….I had great experience with Pete who provided outstanding customer services. For sure will be continuing use the service if needed. Thank you guys !!

Audrey W.

Thanks for your honesty, reliability and for taking the time to make our worst day a less stressful. We were very happy with the clean-up after our sewer back-up.

Elizabeth B.

March 2018

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful in tough situations. I have used this company several times and will continue to use them. Travis and the rest of the Northern Colorado team of CPR always respond in a timely manner no matter if it’s day or night.

Brooke D.